These Terms of Use (“Terms”) regulates your rights and obligations about the use of UP-Ride’s software (“Software”) and service (referred to as the “Service”) in smartphones or other devices. These Terms form a fully binding agreement between UP-Ride OG (defined also as “We” or “Us”) the proprietor of all rights in and to the Service, and you. Please, take your time to read these Terms carefully. Using the UP-Ride Service, you indicate your assent also to the Privacy Policy. You can find it at our Privacy Policy.
We provide the Services “as is”. We do not make any commitments about the Content and information within the Service. We will not be responsible for any loss or damages to you, others or things. If you do not agree to these Terms or any of its parts, please avoid using the Service and the Software.

Important Points

The following points of the Terms are a resume of the Terms but do not substitute them.

Road information comes first. The Service and its information are not intended to replace the information provided on the road, as for example police orders, travel direction, road works, traffic lights, and signs, etc.
Drive carefully. Pay always attention to the road conditions and respect the traffic laws of the country you are riding in. It is not allowed to interact with the Software with your hands
while riding. Any type of reports you want to submit to the Service should only be sent after you have stopped your vehicle.
Non-continuous or incorrect updates and information. The users of UP-Ride play an important role in providing information on the Service. The information can, therefore, be
inaccurate, or wrong. Although we do our best, we do not certify the correctness of the information.
Position-based Service. UP-Ride uses your location and other information sent by your smartphone on which the UP-Ride application is installed to calculate which information
deliver to you when using the Service. Without this information, we can not provide the Service.
Extra costs. To use the Service an Internet connection is needed, we are not responsible of any expenses due to the use of mobile data or other types of connections.
Privacy. Your privacy is really important to us. Using the Service personal information will be submitted to us as described in By accepting these terms you allow us to
use your information as described in the Privacy policy.

THE SERVICE – What is it?

The Service allows motorcyclists to be warned about possible dangers that they can find during their rides. It allows motorcyclists and users to update maps to reflect road conditions
and occurrences on them, such as police presence, roadblocks, dangerous spots, damaged road sections, etc. The Service is provided through the Software.

THE SERVICE – Limitations

When using the Service you may not copy the Content nor scraping it or part of it or access to UP-Ride database in a different way as through the Software without written permission from UP-Ride. You can use the Software only in ways expressed by these Terms. You may not, copy, modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any portion of the Content included in the Service and/or Site.

THE SERVICE -Termination of the use

You are free to terminate your use of the Service when you prefer. You do not need to contact us. Anyway, if you want all your data to be deleted, please write to us at . UP-Ride may, at any time, cease the provision of the Service in its entirety or any part thereof, temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion.


The Service gives the possibility to users of the Software to report information to other users (“Content”). Content can include, for example, dangerous spots, speed controls etc. We appreciate your help nevertheless we do not assume any responsibility for the Content you post. The user who submits the Content assumes the responsibility of the Content itself. We know that you are impatient to help others but do not try to submit any Content while riding. You can do it after you stopped your vehicle.


If you submit a Content, you automatically declare that you own the intellectual property of the Content and that you have the rights to publish it. The Content is and will always be
yours nevertheless by submitting it you give us a permanent worldwide license to use and copy the Content for personal and commercial use.

USER CONTENT – Control of the content

UP-Ride may decide to remove or block the publishing of your Content.


All intellectual property rights in and to the Site, the Service and its database, are a property of UP-Ride or licensed to UP-Ride.


UP-Ride provides the service and content for use “as is” we deny any warranty with respect to the service, including, without limitation, any warranties of compatibility, performance,
security or accuracy. Additionally, UP-Ride denies any warranties or responsibilities regarding the accuracy of the maps and the Content in general.
By using the Service you agree that you assume full, exclusive and sole responsibility for the use of the Service, and you also agree to use it at your own risk.
The information of the service does not replace the information presented on the road or by police officers. If the information of the service differs from the information on the road you
must not rely on the service UP-Ride, deny any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, or any other damage, arising from the use of the service or the content


UP-Ride respects your privacy during your use of the Software and the Service. Our updated privacy policy pertaining to the Software is readily accessible at http://www.UPRide.
com/legal/privacy/ and is an integral part of these Terms. Since the privacy policy is subject to periodic updates, it is recommended that you periodically review the policy for


UP-Ride may modify these Terms from time to time. If fundamental changes are introduced, we will notify you.